Scaffolds of Meaning / 懶音
Curated by Robin Peckham
July 25, 2019 – August 17, 2019

MINE PROJECT is pleased to present

Scaffolds of Meaning 懒音 curated by Robin Peckham. Comprised of a diverse group of works from 9 international artists, this exhibition brings together two broad threads woven into and through one another to examine body as a studio and explore collage as an embodied process.

Slouching into a metropolitan biomechanical aesthetics, Thread A brings together Taeyoon Kim (Seoul), Leelee Chan (Hong Kong), Nik Kosmas (Shanghai), and Andrew Luk (Hong Kong). They reconfigure readymade forms into elemental architectonic compositions, sculpturally and through digital media.


Taeyoon Kim draws from always-on internet video streams and live closed-circuit surveillance camera feeds to collage moving images onto LED panels that produce sculptural space on two levels, through image and hardware. Leelee Chan collects discarded material and gives it new life through a disciplined practice of composition, constructing a new spinal architecture. Nik Kosmas works in 3D graphics and light industrial manufacturing to hone complex messages about the alignment of the body in various gravities discursive and physical. Andrew Luk plays with volumes and absence through practices of additive layering and alchemical subtraction, creating new biological topographies that persist through urban space. 

In Thread B, Wang Xiaoqu (Beijing), Kaito Itsuki (Tokyo), Chiba Masaya (Tokyo), Park Kyung Ryul (Seoul), and Gong Bin (Beijing) engage painting and its processes to build structures for transition and resonance, call-backs to gesture and production.

Wang Xiaoqu calls into being bodies that seem alienated from their human aspects and objects that are endowed with personalities, bringing the two together in warm embraces of twisted flesh and inorganic matter. Kaito Itsuki speaks in symbols and mythologies that play out upon the canvas like so many tattoos on skin, careening between the primal and the constrained, embracing the instinctive nature of the ties

that bind. Gong Bin inhabits ecologies of tall tales in which shades of pigment reflect not only shades of meaning but also dimensions of being. Chiba Masaya constructs in his studio universes in miniature, narratives of confusion and redemption in which each and every actor is some rescued, rebuilt, rehashed assemblage, and then documents this process through both painting and video, variations on a theme. Park Kyung Ryul treats her paintings and ceramics alike as brushstrokes or constitutive elements in a broader painting, approaching the exhibition space as a canvas and using her existing art objects to compose a new meaning within it.

Participating artists:

Andrew Luk


KAITO Itsuki

Leelee Chan

Masaya CHIBA

Nik Kosmas

PARK KyungRyul

Taeyoon Kim

WANG Xiaoqu

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